Phoebe: Tune Into Your Potential Case Study

Phoebe completed a “Tune Into Your Potential” workshop some time ago and we would like to share her story!

Workshop Learning

Before the workshop...

Before completing our Tune Into Your Potential workshop, Phoebe had recently graduated from an English university and was struggling to find employment. Throughout university she didn’t gather much work experience as she wanted to focus on her studies. This meant that, despite having a degree, she had to sign up to universal credit and use JobCentre+ to help her find a job.

workshop for employability
Job Interview

This expresses how important it is to partake in volunteering and extracurricular activities in order to prove your work experience. Taking part in employability workshops and courses will allow you to learn new skills which you can transfer into the workplace.

Tune Into Your Potential was advertised throughout Phoebe's local JobCentre+ and thought the workshop would be a great opportunity to gain some work experience, learn new skills, and be a great addition to her CV.

During the workshop....

The Tune Into Your Potential workshop mixes music production and employability skills into a fun filled week. Rewise Learning’s music and employability tutors guide you through the makings of a song and help you improve your CV along the way.

Phoebe really enjoyed the workshop as it gave her a break from constant job application completion and worrying about her future whilst also working towards honing her employability skills.

Tune Into Your Potential Workshop singing song production
Tune Into Your Potential Workshop

The elements Phoebe enjoyed the most was working within a team and getting to know other individuals on the course. At the end of the week, the group of participants shared what they thought of one another. Phoebe shared “(Tune Into Your Potential) really opened my eyes to how others see me and how I work, it boosted my confidence, especially after hitting rejection after rejection for so long.”

After the workshop…

Phoebe now works in Data Minimisation at Admiral Insurance. This focuses on how customer data is used by the business and whether or not the data is necessary for business functions. She is leading work that touches high-level executives and she has recently presented her work to the Chief Operating Officer!

Phoebe said “I never really saw myself getting this far, especially with how much I struggled to find any work, but the Rewise course had opened up a lot of opportunities for me.” Tune Into Your Potential allowed Phoebe to help find voluntary work with local businesses to further add experience on to her CV which led her to her job today.

She further explains: “I definitely believe that if I hadn't come across Rewise and Tune Into Your Potential that I wouldn't be where I am now, or maybe it would have taken longer.”

tune into your potential work experience
Work Presentation

Here at Rewise we are very proud that our Tune Into Your Potential workshop has made an impact on Phoebe's life in this way. We wish her much luck in the rest of her career. Good Luck!

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